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Custom DTF Transfers

Custom DTF Transfers

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Step 1 - Heat Press Setup
  • Set the heat press to a temperature of 315-320°F

Step 2 - Pre-pressing

  • Pre-press the fabric for 2 to 5 seconds to flatten it and remove excess moisture.
  • This step will aid in a successful transfer of the image from the film onto the fabric.

Step 3 - Place Film

  • Place the film with the desired image onto the pre-pressed fabric in the heat press.

Step 4 - Transfer

  • Press and cure the image onto the fabric for 10-20 seconds.

Step 5 - Cold Peel

  • Allow the fabric and film to cool completely.
  • Peel off the film, leaving the desired image on the fabric.

Step 6 - Post-pressing

  • For optimal wash and rub fastness, it is highly recommended to perform a post-press process.
  • Re-press the image on the fabric for 10-20 seconds.

Note: Remember to keep the heat press at a temperature of 320-356°F (160-180°C) throughout the process

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